Our Story

About Us

SOFEX started as an Ethereum mining & trading project back in 2016 by a father and son, both software developers with strong belief in the future of digital financial markets.

We studied the industry over the years and grew fond of using technology to automate our asset management. As our team grew and gained valuable experience from people in the field, we became intrigued with algorithmic trading.

We replaced the mining equipment with a laboratory for computer science, and got to work on creating solutions that would propel us into what we are today. Eventually, Sofex Finance was established as a private company for trading cryptocurrencies and we continue to do so till this day.

Our Mission

Where are we at now?

Currently, we are concentrating a lot of resources on perfecting algorithms for Bitcoin and Ethereum and providing our hard-earned expertise and know-how to the global trading community. We have expanded our business by leveraging cutting-edge hardware, powered by our proprietary machine-learning software, custom trade engines & APIs and other tools that allow us to remain ahead of the game.

Our Solution

Our products for TradingView

Our team keeps scouting the trading & charting community for cooperation and ideas. In time, we became quite displeased and disappointed with the quality of indicators, strategies & signal groups that either mislead or directly scam their clients.

This is terrible for the community. We believe that this industry needs good actors & transparency. TradingView’s approach is a leap forward in terms of moderation and support for traders. That’s why we decided to start porting many of our algorithms to PineScript and to publish some on the platform, strictly following TradingView’s terms & conditions and guidelines.

Our Core Team

Stefan Tabakov

Co-Founder, CEO, Lead Developer

Antoni Emilov

Co-Founder, CTO, Developer